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Alexander Banderov

Alexander Banderov (1933 - 2007) was born in the Rhodope village Lyaskovo. Graduate Higher Agricultural Institute in Plovdiv. Longtime editor in the newspaper. "Fatherland voice" and publishing "Hristo G. Danov". Poetry his "best lesson" (1962), "The day has two faces" (1967), "Bulgaria, Leto 893" (1970), "Journey to the Mountain" (1974), established him as one of the sharpest poets from generation to generation April, but thematically and stylistically remained outside. Poetic profile of Al. Banderov completed in an inimitable way in the books "When you away" (1979), "If you remain Memories" (1982), "Night galaxies" (1983), "Beyond the blue mountains" (1986), "Blanking notebook" (1991) , "Destruction of hours" (1993).

1995 Alexander Banderov lives in Toronto, Canada, where she wrote dramatic nostalgic his last poetry "Vigvama of Oriliya. Poems of Ontario" (2001), "Reflections of malachite" (2003), essayistic "Among sunny copies of Twilight" (2004), farewell "Beyond" (2007).

Alexander Banderov died on November 8, 2007 in Toronto. According to the express will of this proud, incorruptible and foreign Vanity poet urn with his ashes was laid in Central cemetery of Plovdiv on December 17, 2007.

In 2008, the publishing house "Hermes" was released book of selected poems of Al. Banderov "Sirius" (272 p.) Edited by Anton Baev, as is the desire of the poet's lifetime.