Rozalia Aleksandrova in PlovdivLit

Rozalia Aleksandrova

Rozalia Aleksandrova was born in the town of Madan in the Rhodope Mountains. She studied at the Russian school in Plovdiv and later at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski ".

She was a teacher in her hometown for nearly six years.

In 1981 she moved to Plovdiv.

Rozalia is an author of 10 poetry books. She is a member of the Society of Writers in Plovdiv since 2003. In March 2006 together with her colleagues she founded a literary intellectual association "Quantum and Friends" for Quantum poetry. She is the Chairman of the Association.

She translates from Polish and Russian. She writes critical essays on the works of Plovdiv artists. She also deals with scientific researches. Her publications are in the area of grammar, literary studies, philosophy, pedagogy, psychology, and physics of torsion fields. She is a lecturer in Bulgarian language to foreign students at the Medical university of Plovdiv.