Shaip EMËRLLAHU in PlovdivLit


Born on April 13th, 1962, in Trebosh, Tetova /Macedonia/. He graduated at the Faculty of Philology in the branch of Albanian Language and Literature at Prishtina University. He got his Master at Tirana University about "The Structure of the Poetry of Azem Shkreli". He got his PhD in Literature in Tirana. He is a lecturer at the State University of Tetova.

He published the poetry books "Baptism of the Years" (1994), "Broken Project" (1997) and "Lesser Death" (2001). In 2001, the Academy Orient-Occident in Bucharest published his poetry book "Lesser Death" in Albanian and Rumanian. In 2004, the Croatian PEN and the Croatian Writers' Association published a bilingual book with the title "Poetry" in Croatian and Albanian. In 2004, the publishing house Feniks in Skopje published a book with selected poems in Macedonian, "Dvorski son".

In 2000, he published in co-operation a book with testimonies of the massacres in Kosova: "We Witness", publishing house “Ditët e Naimit” (Albanian-English). In 2009, the Italian publishing house "La stanca del poeta - 57" published his poetry book "Stracci di Vita", whereas in the same year, his poetry book "Life's Rags" was published in English. In 2014, his poetry book "Les Albanian marathon" is published in France. In Japan, Junpa Books publishes his poetry in the book "Duet of Roads" in a poetic dialogue with Taro Aizu. In the year 2017, his poetry book "Life's Rags" is published in Chinese language (Mandarine) in Taiwan. Cycles of his poetry were also published in Spanish, Hebrew, Arabic, Korean, Ukrainian, Hindi, Turkish, Polish, Catalonian, Bosnian, etc. His poetry was included in several international anthologies. He has participated in local and international poetry festivals.

He was awarded with national and international literary prizes. The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria granted him the high Gratitude Award "GRAMOTA" for building bridges between the Albanian and the Bulgarian culture. He was honored in Greece for his longtime work by the UNECSO - Piraeus Branch, whereas he received the golden medal "Alexander the Great" for the promotion of literature, culture and art.

He worked as a journalist in national and foreign electronic and print media. For several years he was an editor of the cultural column in the daily newspaper "Flaka", Skopje.

He is the founder and the director of the International Poetry Festival "Ditët e Naimit".