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Excerpt of “Anna and the Mountain” by Nevena Mitropolitska

Дарът Откъс от роман

Nevena Mitropolitska

Nevena Mitropolitska was born in 1969 in Sofia, Bulgaria. She graduated with a Master’s degree from Sofia University in Russian and English literature and linguistics. In Bulgaria she worked as a teacher, translator and journalist. She relocated to Montreal, Canada with her family in 2002. She continued her education in Canada, earning a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science and she is now employed as a librarian and a researcher. Her debut novel “Anna and the Mountain” was published in 2015 by major Bulgarian publishing house Janet 45. Mitko Novkov, a literary critic, wrote that this book “is on par with the great novels of the transition period in Bulgaria” (literary magazine “Savremennik” 2015/4). Her second novel “The Gift” is to be published in 2019 by publishing house Janet 45. Nevena is presently working on her third novel.