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Nicole Barriere

French poet, writer, essayist, translator.

Director tonic Accent collection by Editions L'Harmattan.

Director of the association "the cauldron poems" Saint-Etienne.

Member of the Society of Men of Letters, the House of Writers and the International Association of Literary Critics.

By engaging militant way for women and peace, it launched in 2001 a call to poets from around the world: '1001 poems for peace and democracy in Afghanistan "She defends the Francophonie, endangered languages and cultures .

It is part of the international poetry prize juries Antonio Viccario, the Three Rivers Festival (Canada) and Women's Poetry Award Paris Simone Landry.

European Grand Prix of the East-West Cuerta festival de Arges (Romania) in July 2010.

Simone Landry female Poetry Prize 2011 France.

Honorary Award for lifetime achievement in 2011 Lebanon.

Poetry prize Premio Internazionale Don Luigi Di Liegro, Rome, 2014.

Poetry prize Menada Tetova Macedonia 2016.