Stanislava Stanoeva in PlovdivLit

Stanislava Stanoeva

Born in Plovdiv, Stanislava Stanoeva graduated “Bulgarian philology” at PU “P. Hilendarski “.

She is the author of 4 poetry books – “The Death of the Executioner” (1999), “A Flight in the Stone” (2003), “Cities and other Islands” (2009), “Theory of Everything” (2012).

She has numerous publications in Bulgarian literary magazines and newspapers, as well as many awards from national and international literary competitions.

Her poems are included in the International Balkan Collection, Istanbul (2007), a collection of London Poetry Society, London (2009), the collection “Lyrics 2010”, National Palace of Culture, Sofia 2011, “Anthology of Bulgarian Poetry XXI century”, Sofia (2015).

Her works can be found in major national virtual libraries and in several foreign electronic journals in the USA, UK and Germany.

Her poems have been translated into Turkish, English and German.