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Gabriella Elisha

Gabriella Elisha (has published also under the name Ella Bat-Tsion) is an Israeli poet, born in 1954, living in Jerusalem, Israel.

Has published 11 books of poetry, has translated poetry from English (Ryokan, Elsa Gidlow) and French (Robert Desnos, Paul Eluard), has edited a printed magazine of poetry in the years 1990-1992 named Mirpesset (which means Balcony) and nowadays she is editing an online poetry magazine named Aspaklarya (which means Mirror; ). From time to time she writes short essays about specific poems and poetry collections.

Gabriella has been awarded many literary prizes and participated in the 4th international poetry festival in Jerusalem 1997, the 35th international poetry festival in Rotterdam 2004 and the 20th international poetry festival "Ditet e Naimit" in Tetova (Macedonia).

Gabriella has studied librarianship, chikong, and language editing, and she is working as a proofreader with publishing houses.

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