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Четката - лека като перо на Иван Поповски

За сестра ми Кристин Юрукова като за лъч светлина

Героизмът- звездният миг на 14 декември 1989 година „Героят е не по-храбър от обикновения човек, но е храбър пет минути по-дълго.“ Емерсон

Fred Holle - The Painter and The Teacher, The Blessed

Фред Холи - Художникът и учителят, благословеният

Vincent, the shoemaker, the sunflowers and we in homage to Vincent Van Gogh and the 120th death anniversary of his

Винсент, обущарят, слънчогледите и ние /по случай 120 години от смъртта на Винсент Ван Гог/


На народните будители /на сестра ми Кристин Юрукова/


За душите (Задушница)

Навлизане в тайните / на Димитър Чиликов*, който ни напусна в края на май преди 8 години/

Даровете на езика

Аз, буки, веди

The Bulgarian language /to Georgi Sava Rakovski/

Българският език /на Г.С.Раковски/

The truth ever-present, the truth short

Истината всеобхватна, истината кратка









About revolutions and the blind

За революциите и слепците

Homeland and truth

Родина и истината

You want to be silent

Искаш да помълчиш





The revolt of the tongue (to emigrant children)

Бунтът на езика /на децата-емигранти/



Without roots /to emigrants/

Без корени /на емигрантите/

The hidden


Painters /to Fred Holle/

Художници /на Фред Холи/

A peaceful day

Един спокоен ден

The woman closes the door

Жената затваря вратата



An old lady


As if Time halted

Спрялото време

Short Story

Анета /на майка ми/

Чикаго- първият кръг /на Никола Маринов/

Бяла роза...

Златният град /на Ян Палах и Камю, на златната младеж/

Вечна и бляскава „Животът стоеше пред мен като вечна пролет в нови и бляскави дрехи.“ К.Г.Гаус





Lilly and the Bread

Лили и хлябът

Marlena Yurukowa

“Life stands before me like an eternal spring with new and brilliant clothes. ”

Carl Friedrich Gauss


To be under the spell of the "eternal spring", to hear its voice and record it, to be filled with this voice in order to help others “resound” with it: this is my understanding of the objective of writing short stories, essays about art, poems and articles on technical subjects, with which I started as an author in 2011.

This is also my understanding of creating paintings- watercolour landscapes depicting the beauty of Bulgaria, portraits of my friends , contemporaries, and notable personalities from Bulgaria and the world such as the portrait of Mahatma Gandhi, which was awarded by Artslant- the first international network of fine art, or of creating figural compositions devoted to dramatic events in human life like the painting "Pieta under the Balkan", which also received a prize from Artslant and was displayed in my single show exhibition at Romfeia Gallery in 2010. A large part of my work as an artist is presented on the Internet in Saatchi gallery and Artslant where I keep writing blog articles on fine art in English. My work as a writer and poet is presented in my blog-, and in where you can find my books “Aquarelle for Bulgaria” and “Aquarelle for Ravnogor” which consist of three-line verses accompanying the watercolour landscapes performed in the Alla Prima manner during my travels around the wonderful country of Bulgaria, and my poetry book “The voice of a nation” dedicated to the Bulgarian language. Now I am writing a book titled “The Bulgarian language- a key to the English language”.

Whatever you create- a book, a painting, a piece of music, or a theorem, you reveal yourself involuntarily , and the rest is: born in Plovdiv in 1957, graduated from Technical University at Sofia in Electronics in 1980 , and from New Bulgarian University in English language in 1993, many years of work as an engineer in Bulgaria and Germany, many years of work as a teacher, now self-employed- a teacher of English and German and a translator of technical manuals.

I want to finish my presentation with a poem of mine dedicated to the Bulgarian language- is not it and the other languages the very reason which has made us come together here in the website of the writers from Plovdiv, a city like Gauss’ eternal spring and with Gauss’ brilliant clothes.