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Short Story

Отмъщение за белгиец Разказ от "Децата на Дон Кихот", ИК "Лексикон"

Homme délicieux à déguster

Die Männer von der Venus, die Frauen vom Mars

Men Come from Venus, Women Come from Mars

Мъжете от Венера, жените от Марс

— Из „Възмутително чаровни, хищно хубави“. ИК „Хермес“, 1998 г

Dimil Stoilov

Dimil Stoilov was born in 1948 in the city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. He has worked in various publishing houses and for individual publishers, to name a few: “Hristo G. Danov” and “Hermes”. He is a member of the Union of Bulgarian Writers and the Union of Bulgarian Journalists.

His literary works have been published in the following Bulgarian magazines: „Plamuk“ , „Vezni“, „Trakiq“ , „Yug “, „ Stranitsa“ , „Most“ ; Almanac: „Svetla Gore“ (Holy Mountain); Newspaper: „Budilnik ׅ“(Alarm – Bulgarian edition of the UK version) „Novinar“(News presenter), „Maritza“, „Rodope“ and other publications.

His stories have appeared on “Liternet” (a Bulgarian site for Bulgarian authors), “Cult Bg”, “Knigi NEWS” (Book News), “Literary World”, the German “The-Short-Story” and other sites.

He is the author of the novels:

“A Version for the Irritable” (Published by: „Hristo G.Danovׅ“ 1990)

And “The Long Distance Love Runners” (Published: „Hermes“ 2010)

As well as a collection of short stories:

“Schedule for Missed Trains” (Published: „Hristo G.Danov“ 1986)

"It is outrageous charming, beautiful predatory" (Published: "Hermes", 1998

and "Man of delicious tasting" (Published: „Hermes'“ 2005).

During 2005 and 2010 he was nominated for the prize “Plovdiv” and was awarded the prize at the Society of Writers in Plovdiv. Three of his brilliant fiction stories have been entered in to the International competitions such as the German "Literaturpodium" and are included in the collections "Falsche Töne" (2009), "Weiße Weihnacht wieder" (2010) and "Windspiel der Sonne" "(2011).