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Olivera Docevska

DOCEVSKA OLIVERA (1975). Born in Kumanovo, Republic of Macedonia.

Attorney at law(lawyer) , human rights activist &specialist, magistrate on Master studies on International relations and diplomacy, president and establisher of human rights association Justicija,poet,translator,publicist, essay writer.

Member of the Writers' Association of Macedonia from 2012, from 2014 President of Statutory committee of the Association, member of the Parliamentary Committee of the Association, and a member of the Association of Translators of Macedonia.

Poetry: "Illusion of a Dream" Edition 4/4, New Poetics Belgrade, is issued in 2011 (in Macedonian).

Orange - 2013 (in Macedonian) Sonchica- Sunflower - Suncokret, 2013, three lingual edition (Macedonian, Serbo-Croatian, Slovenian), “ One moment in time” 2015 ( Macedonian language), Flowers of illusion”2014,(Slovenian language).

Anthologies: "To the South, to the south, I have saw poems, Panorama of new Serbian poetry, and poetry from other countries " (anthology of recent poetry from Serbia and other countries), 2013, Ministry of Culture of Serbia, Slovenian, "Anthology of new Macedonian poetry - “Children of the Sun ", 2014, in Slovenian.., “ It is my last silence” Olivera Docevska and Elena Prendjova, 2016, Antology of contemporary Macedonian poetry.

Prose: “First try” 2013, the Serbo- Croatian

Awards: “Days of Branko Miljkovic”, 5th (fifth) place, Charter for Special Merit for the song Ode, poem on Macedonian language- 2012 ; Queen Teodora- 1st (first) place, “Days of Branko Miljkovic”, Nish Serbia 2013; Eighth Slovenian crochet days, 4th (fourth) place, Ziri Slovenia, poetry published in Slovenian jazik- 2014,; enters between 87 nominated books in the region for the award Aleksa Santic - 2012, The special recognition on the "Trireme of Ionian poetry" - Albania, 2015

Collections/almanac - released tracks: Proceedings of authors from the Balkan region, Almanac 2, the publishing house New Poetics of Belgrade - 2011, Macedonian, Proceedings "Among the world-two Remembering Branko Miljkovic." - 2012, the Macedonian anthology "Among the two world-Remembering Branko Miljkovic. "- 2013, the Croatian, Proceedings - Riot of Balkan woman - Internet edition, 2013, the Croatian, 100,000 Poets for the changes the Internet 2012

And more.

Her poems are published on internet magazines:

Lirik.si- Slovenia, Locutio.si – Slovenia, Diogen Magazin- Bosna and Hercegovina, Makedonika .mk – Macedonia,And many hard copies magazins. Translated in English, Spanish, Serbian, Bosnian, Slovenian, Albanian etc.