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Quo vadis  4.09 / 5

Where are you, God?

Where are you hiding?

From the predatory love

Of so many new-believers?

Our eyes so full of tears and prayers…

We rush like pack of wolves

After every real or imaginary sign of you

And bury each other, when we don’t find you.


We’ll turn the Pyramids upside down,

We’ll dig the Himalayas,

We’ll go down the megapolises’ drain canals,

We’ll read all old religious writings

And convert them into a computer code…

And we believe - we’ll find you!

Lord, you can’t escape

From our predatory thirst to own you -

Because it’s true, we can pervade

Into all that is existing.


And yet you are so far

Or here in an inexplicable depth.

And we continue our search

Filling our lives with a fantasy presence –

Teachings, media, rituals,

Cults, temples, old and new…


Where are you?

Are you going again into new depths

Of this perpetual universe?

Where are you going, God?

Shall we continue our search?

And still never reach you?

And still never reach you …

Translated by Lilia Tamamdzhieva


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