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Rembrandt — Marlena Yurukowa PlovdivLit

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Rembrandt  5.00 / 5

„Beauty is bottomless darkness.“

Shakespeare, Sonnets


„... he stood bending over the balustrade and peering down into the black seething well of darkness.“

Oscar Wilde, Picture of Dorian Gray



Having absorbed all colors, the darkness contains all worlds. People are in it, too, and they do not see any colors, any worlds and even themselves until Rembrandt appears to bring them all to light. Rembrandt dips his brush in the seething darkness and brings out the child, the mother, the pupil at his desk, the anatomy students, Flora, the beloved, the bride, the father with the prodigal son, the praying old woman, the reading old woman, Danaë with the shower of gold, the philosopher, the beggars, the dog, the Polish rebel, the conspirators against Rome, Jesus and himself. The world stands before itself. It sees itself for the first time. It thoroughly sees itself so like it is in reality- a glittering vision of darkness. It is the darkness before the child's birth, the darkness before the knowledge, the darkness before becoming Flora, beloved and bride, the darkness of lostness before forgiveness, the darkness of the fear before prayer, the darkness of ignorance before reading the book, the darkness before the conception of gold shower and becoming mother, the darkness before getting wise, the darkness before coming to love the beggars and their dogs, the darkness before becoming a rebel and conspirator for liberation of your home country, the darkness before seeing Jesus and yourself. You reach yourself together with Rembrandt, who have transformed the darkness in yourself into gold Rembrandt light and you thank him.



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