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The Poetry as a Higher Reality  3.91 / 5

The reality in our ideas and the reality which is happening are two different concepts. In this case, its subjects are common: each of us and the moment we look "inward" within ourselves, or we look outward. At this moment, we are driving reality by changing it. There are boundaries which determine the possibilities for impact. They are defined by the level at which we find ourselves in the conditionally called hierarchical system of our personal world, our procession, our universe, and everything visible and invisible. In this system of men, as a subject of the higher reality, we are given the mechanism of creation, the creation of new projections and realities. Or, as we poetically call them "new worlds." Whether it is conscious or not – human beings change not only the visible world, but also the invisible realm- through our actions, thoughts and words, we set the foundations of what will happen and what is happening. The conclusion is that Evolution is also accomplished with our participation. We are part of order and harmony in every moment. Our task is to be in harmony with the goals and challenges facing human civilization. The mechanisms which are given to us for our purpose are human intelligence, emotions and physical experiences which we develop through science. And also the information channels through which each creator "keeps the feather" of the creative beginning.

Poetry has a special place in the picture of human science. It takes centuries for scientific discoveries, but the opportunity to get information is instantaneous. On an informational level, poetry is what science represents - information packs. The new powerful development of physics in mastering the mysteries of the invisible world brought us surprises in a pure physical pan - its basic parameters. This is just a glimpse of the new physical picture of the world we create with our Creator. We produce information together. Poetry is one of the languages with which we communicate with our Creator, with whom He reveals higher knowledge of the world. This article will partly explain the mechanism of co-creating our world through the power of Word and speech. (4)

Creating and organizing a poetic event is not a casual fact. It is a link from a chain of processes that are planned down from the higher reality and are performed loyally by poets and creators of Word. The most important scientific achievements and the end of the last century mark a grandiose transition to a new understanding of human emotion, human speech, human talent in the process of building the world of loving Light, dreamed by all people on Earth.


Key words: reality, poetry, information fields, spirituality, quantum poetry, evolution


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