Rati Saxena

Dr. Rati Saxena is a poet, translator, and editor by accident, she is a student of culture, history and ancient literature, and philosophy by passion. Thus her soul is wandering in these different directions. Being the student of Vedic studies in honors and Masters, having done PhD on subject related to Atharvaveda, she has worked more in restudy of ancient literature. In this direction, her work under Indira Gandhi Fellowship is – The seed of mind – A fresh approach to Atharvaveda study along many articles for journals. She has five collections of poetry in Hindi and four in English (translated or rewritten). She has translated fifteen books mostly from Malayalam to Hindi, and five poetry books (International poets) from English to Hindi. Being a natural traveler, she has two travelogues in her credit. She has also written a memoire – Everything is past tense about Ayyappa Paniker’s poetic journey and one book of criticism on Balamanyaama’s poetry.

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