Leticia Mereteva


Short Story

Немил от улица „Победа“

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Leticia Mereteva was born in Plovdiv in 2004 and has been writing poetry and prose since 2018. So far, she has no published works, but "everyone started somewhere" - she says. The story "Nemil from Pobeda Str." was written during the creative workshop in Ravda this summer, organized by the 'Stoil Kutsev - Daskala' Foundation. Leticia attends a creative writing club at EG "Plovdiv" (the former English Language School) and participates in the annual literary competition at the 'Stoil Kutsev - Daskala' foundation. She has been a dental student since this fall, but continues to write in her spare time. "Medicine is my legal wife, and literature is my mistress" - Anton Chekhov

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