Anton Baev



Short Story

And No Roses for Ivana

4.96(110 votes)

Short Story

The Snake

4.91(92 votes)


Tribute to Konstantinos Kavafis, born in 1863

4.98(388 votes)


Come, little dolphin!

4.98(236 votes)

Anton Baev (1963) is the author of a number of books in different genres: eight books of poetry, six novels, two books of short stories, a book of philosophical fragments and two academic monographs (one of them – on the problems of the Bulgarian Romanticism and the poetry and drama of Ivan Peychev in particular, and the other one – presenting a  psychoanalytical approach to literature by studying the reflections of the suicidal syndrome in the works of the prominent Bulgarian belletrist Pavel Vezhinov).

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