Nicole Barriere



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Write To Love

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Translated by: H.Stafford

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Woman bark of tree, a longing to return to the very first

Word of the plant alphabet

Woman ash, the thickness of words

Worked by the earth

Woman wave, reflection of the rock made of syllables

In the shimmering silk of hesitant stammers

Woman birth, foam where nestles

The bird on the wrathful day of the gods

Woman cloud, the swell of cumulus

In the space reddened by proposals

Woman fairy, a hand laid on the anguish of

The world, guarding our sleeping

Woman flame, like the blond open wings

Of a sigh freed by a gentle caress

Woman lightning, star of the hope of the first heard sentence

Of the loved one, until the cosmic embrace

Woman light, transparent shell of the

Veil, on the continent of wedding celebrations until

The bodies are alike

Woman justice, layer upon layer of faces

Between scales and sword, who shout for equality

Woman music, flowing water carried to the

Unending end of the world, Aphrodite choir of the songs of


Woman clad of the naked grace of her silence

which carries in the words of skin-deep wounds


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