Humor that hurts instead of laughs

Review of "Meetings with the Devil" by Sashko Nasev

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tanley Kubrick would made his famous movie "Eyes Wide Shut"). It is this anecdote that reminds us of Nasev's minimalism, this rare literary skill - with a little words to say a lot/everything, and it can be said that it is a pity that some Balkan’s Kubrick did not adopt the novel about Bozilak Nikogov to a movie screen because it is more a movie, more a drama than a novel and speaks more about the wide-closed eyes of the lustful young man than all the non-fixtion written on this subject. However, this damage is not irreparable, because the book "Meetings with the Devil" has not lost an inch of its relevance and value, although some parts were written in the nineties of last century, hence we derive the right to call it a classic, just like ironically the author called the literary magazine for which Nikogov works.

Absurdity, bizarreness, vulgarity, taboo... These are the four extremities with which scatological humor moves through works of art. And Nasev has it in abundance. The direction has a goal, and the goal is called a toilet; throws the cigarette into the hole, and it sinks, sinks to the center of the Earth; he begins to speak the truth and thus begins to lie; ejaculates exactly in the her dental filling; the black woman who is a white slave... False truths, those oxymorons that Nasev supremely rules are the basis of the reverse that breeds humor. Intelligent humor, humor that makes you laugh with your brain involved.

The whole third part of the book, Bozilak is Bianca, a man becomes a woman. He works in a cabaret and with great difficulty rejects the shameless proposals of the men around him. A transvestite who is not a real transvestite, a lesbian-man, these are topics and characters that are taboo for Macedonian literature from the nineties.

Within the scatological linguistic expression, Nasev does not miss the opportunity to play cynically with style, to ironize the quasi-poetic nature of the authors who insist on high style without any background and need, showing how fine it could be Charles-Bukowski’s vulgar - but to the point of true storytelling - without unnecessary linguistic embellishments.

Extreme behavior that does not correspond to the real threat is always a good basis for comedy. This is something that is present in the four stories included in the book "Meetings with the Devil". With great doses of absurdity and irony, the story of the "persistence of the little man" is told, who does his best to pay the bill of the big corporation (the famous satirist Ephraim Kishon said: help the world at your own expense); for the "virtues" of the fickle party chameleon Cule; the surgeon who will cut his tongue so that he wants not to be uni

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