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Translated by: Minko Tanev

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Where are our faces -

the cold predetermined us -

a snowy music sounded

in countless ears.


And spacious whiteness was reigned.

And I heard sublime messages

to my radiant spirit.


I found harmony

and pain in the chords -

swirls of ice dust

were howling and praying.


And I saw sparks flying

through the snowdrifts.

The air was a temple

even for the storm.


When the bells ring and the chilly winter drops in with white icy dust sprinkled on Santa Claus, the smells of Christmas bring in the scents of childhood! The lasting memories of pain and toils remain glued to our mind like the severe cold dressed in white, but the colors of hope and positivity spark through the wintry night and pave the way for the advent of Spring ,beckoning the gleaming light of eternity ,trying to prove that Life is Humanity!

It is the same with our winning poet fancying Winter not as the harbinger of cold deadly days and nights apathetic towards charity but rather as a sublime entity ringing the notes of fraternity and solidarity.

"Where are our faces......in countless ears."

The poet wonders how the unfriendly and unemotional expressions disappear listening to the strains of kinship and support with immaculate conception during the emergence of winter synonymous with Christmas ,heralding the birth of Christ.

"And spacious whiteness...

to my radiant spirit."

Winter emerges with white snow. The colour white conveys positive energy,

purity and innocence, symbolizing the new beginning of an era. But it also refers to the cold and unfriendly emptiness creating a sense of sterile seclusion.

The expression "spacious whiteness was reigned" builds an aura of chilled isolation that has been predominated by the nonchalant disposition of human beings.

"Thank goodness for the first snow, it was a reminder--no matter how old you became and how much you'd seen, things could still be new if you were willing to believe they still mattered!", said Candace Bushnell.

Following the same concept , the poet also learns a lot from life and has got rid of the selfish ends. He rejuvenates with the exalted notes of the majestic bells bringing the messages of peace and joy to the illuminated soul with essence of life.

"I found harmony...and praying."

The poet is puzzled to find the two opposite qualities juxtaposed together .The consonance and dissonance are together justifying the torment of torture, yet binding humanity.

The expression "Swirls of ice dust" represents the cold winter wind blowing and suggesting the lack of warmth and the dearth of bonding.

But all of a sudden, the mood changes.

Death reigns, but prayers are heard. Man yields as the Change is inevitable.

"And I saw sparks.....even for the storm."

Having delineated the depth of human psychology, the poet finds the awakening of the cold dead souls.

Kindness glows amidst the ruthless humans. The stormy weather causing havoc with inhuman activities, transforms the ambience into a place of worship, rekindling the spirit of benevolence when Christ is born as the Saviour.

The lilting melody of human bonding is carried on throughout the poem along with the pallor of "snowy music" and "harmony and pain in the chords."

The poem delves deep into spirituality.

And....how blessed are the readers to go through such beautiful ink presenting sublime serenity !

Let Bulgaria bubble over with joy for the winning poetry and posterity! 


*Reviewed by Kajari Guha


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