Dalila Hiaoui



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Translated by: Вера Иванова

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You have buried my happiness.. Since I was an infant

And you have annulled all my youthful dreams.

You have shown the ugliness of your canine teeth

And have filled my little world with howls.

So light up the wick of your disgrace

And, as if they were rain, wet me with your unhappy meteorites.

Accumulate clouds as if there were wishes

And make the sky above me make thunder and lightening.

Crush with your right hand the gardens of my family

And gather up effortlessly with your left hand my flowers.

Give me no truce, give me no respite.

Between any deaths and sadness forbid spates of crying.

Rip my wounds

And don’t listen to my prayers

Don’t fear my lamentations,

Don’t be afraid of me.

From you, life, I have received but alienation.

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