Dalila Hiaoui



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Translated by: Вера Иванова

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Create for me

In your Constitution an article…

Which makes me a lady exactly there, where my city is.

Which will guarantee me all rights possible

So that the members of my tribe don’t lacerate my wounds!

Otherwise i won’t come back to you!

I won’t come back to be locked up

Against my will in my absence.

I won’t come back to be marked with the whip of the sinkholes

Or with tongues that only like chewing torture

I won’t return to you!

           I won’t come back to dry my fountains from the source…

           Rip up my lands.

           Devour my hills,

          Prevent my tongues from expressing themselves

or protect my punishment from the moss.

I won’t return

             I won’t return

If you don’t create a whole article for me

In your constitution

I won’t return.. I won’t return to you!

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