Balázs Szőllőssy


The lions go to Rome

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So Long, And Thanks

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To Survive Zwollee

Translated by: Translated by Anikó Urbán and James Lloyd

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You enter from the side, and as you enter the most eye-catching

is the cleanness of the white, the pop culture – symbolism of sterility:

at the altar, in the partial cover of the columns,

diachronic painting quantifies how much holiness

is used up on the stalagmites of memory

it is dripping upwards, time, how little it is

the hunger of the soul, how many centuries it took till


the transept cannot bridge over

the arcs of holiness, it coils back into itself.

The meaning on the plains of the problem: a cathedral,

a canal, a transfusion – forgiveness,

for the elusive commerce,

protest to the merchants wrapped in the tangible,

capitalize the space, survive Zwolle

on the rippling fields of interest.




You enter a temple, you arrive in a bistro,

a bookstore moved into the altar,

in the transept civilians are sitting,

sipping café au lait or soft drinks

on the edges of the problem. You’re quiet. So that

they wouldn’t know what vortex they are sitting in,

what dreams are peeping

behind the columns.

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