Road Through Worlds

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This poetry book is very fantastic. It's a comparative analysis of a collection of top-winning and complementary poems in one book written by two of the greatest known haiku poets the world has ever known, Stoianka Boianova and her husband Minko Tanev, from Bulgaria.

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Roads Through Worlds—Such A Wonderful Twirl!

Authors: Stoianka Boianova & Minko Tanev

Country: Bulgaria

Copyright: 2021

Book Title: Road Through Worlds

Languages: English and Bulgarian

Translators: Stoianka Boianova & Minko Tanev, Bulgaria

Publisher:, Allahabad, India

Publication Year: 2021

Pages: 116

ISBN: 978-93-90202-97-3

Cost: $15.00


Reviewer: Joseph S. Spence, Sr.




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