Road Through Worlds

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;    Our Common Orbit Is Remarkable Among The Universe

            The River Goes Down The Hill Like Sinusoidal

            The Stork Spin In Circles, And The Rain Falls Vertically

            Lighten Fall Zigzagged While Thoughts, Emotions, And Feelings Turn

            Only You Are In A Hurry Straight To Me

            Blazing Through Obstacles To Come And Hug Me Sincerely!                (Page 14)


The essence of love permeates this poem with words of inspirational grace, stimulating both loving parties' minds, bodies, and souls to reach and hug each other with preciousness and grace! Loving Graciousness!

Indeed, honeycombs from the hive are very tasty. This poem is a rendition and beautification of such stimulating lines which follow:

            How well you speak under the honeycomb on the moon!

            Honey is dripping from your lips.

            You attract me magnetically under swarms from stars.                     (Page 16)


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