Galina Vulcheva


After the Flood Rain

4.98(197 votes)



Translated by: Spassova, Emily Dimitrova (interpreter)

4.97   (99 votes)

Let‘s survive this winter-

Under the fragile white-frost crust

Where the Life ,as flexible as fish,

Slips inevitably out

and hides in the depths.


Let‘s climb up the crest of the days-

Up to the fragrance of the wind

descending from the sky.

Let‘s live over till the coming summer

Conceived by the spring saps.


Let‘s fall silent to the steady constant rhythm

Of the hooves fading away outside.

Let‘s sink into the autumn-

under the tight skirts of the shadows

and in the red-yellow processions of the Sun...


But, you see - our Souls dash,

Shine through under the ice like fish,

Stand still as if trying to escape

From getting stuck in the Throat of Time,

Avoiding its fits of anger.


As being eternal hurry they up,

Slipping away from It- as fish always do.

Out of Fear.And hide they

Behind Its back- deep in the abyss...

Born anew they are again

Or away quietly they pass ...

Or sink,

In order to survive.

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