Marlena Yurukowa

Short Story


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The truth ever-present, the truth short

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The Bulgarian language

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Lilly and the Bread

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Lilly is still young. Therefore she always runs and asks herself why the others do not. For the first time she is in freedom- far away of the block houses, almost in the fields where the big store her lady entered is.

The old man does not enter the store, he does not run, either. He is sitting on a block of concrete near the guard's booth of the big store and is waiting for something. He is waiting for the bread...for its price to be reduced. Then he will also come into the store to buy some from it. When he sees Lilly, he revives. His hope revives that it is her. He saw her on TV some time ago when the curtain did not hinder his vision as much. Yet, now she is in front of him, twirling and waving. Just as he saw her- light, brisk, graceful. She has become even prettier and smarter. Her eyes look straight into his- she doesn't mind the curtains. And they say dogs don't like looking straight into eyes. She is fair, and her eyes are so dark, even purple, and they talk to him, stir him, stir a sweet hope. Sweet like the bread. Lilly is like the bread-the one of the reduced price he can afford. He could afford Lilly, too. She is trained, she knows. That is why she has come here- to show him her knowledge. Lilly licks his hand, slips her mouth into his pocket to pick up his handkerchief. She plays like this, yet showing him that it's her. He has not stopped thinking of her because she is like the bread. For the bread he comes up here- to the end of the town because he can't buy it in the shop in his town quarter. He can't buy the operation of his curtains, either. Therefore Lilly has come to the place where his bread is, to show him that she is like it- as sweet as it, as good as it.


She was the same on the TV, too. Yet she was a pupil there. She was the best one, proud and smart. It suited her to help, it made her happy to lead. She would become a leader dog for the blind, wouldn't she? He gets lost in her and does not notice when the lady came out of the big store. She already calls, “Lilly!”. Lilly leaps to and fro. The woman approaches and they begin talking about the bread, of course, not because they are near the big store but because it opens everyone's mouth since it can't be afforded by everyone. The old man tells her how he comes to the far store because of the bread. He lives on the stale bread of the reduced price. His pension is not enough for the other one. Thus, he does not even dare to think of the operation of the curtains. He compares bread and operation: 800 loaves of bread, even fresh bread-of normal price! Yet he thinks of Lilly and asks straight, “When will she become a leader dog?” The lady is surprised. She does not understand. She does not think of the old man's thought and hope. So she replies straight, “Lilly will not become a leader dog.”


It dawns on her very late- when they both with Lilly are already far away. She has deprived him of his hope to ha

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