Men Come from Venus, Women Come from Mars

Translated by: Rumiana Ilieva

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They arrived at the mountain lodge at dusk. The spontaneous glee had already taken shape without their participation but they hope to make up for their dropping behind. Not only did D.J. Alex host a two-hour program called “Crazy Rhythms” in Atlanta Radio but he also earned some extra income as a D.J. in Borledo club so his blood was absolutely raving up. For days on end Vladi’s accountant’s petty soul was squeezed by figures which quietly swelled out of the various accounts and books and now he was seeking to take refuge in noise and intensive experiences. That’s why with no hidden enthusiasm he welcomed Alex’s idea to leave the town at the end of the week. The wives showed resistance but only for a while. Moreover, the wives’ enthusiasm grew to the point that they invited two more friends and because of this the rucksacks on the men’s shoulders grew rather heavy with food. And with drinks as well.

The first fifty grams the two of them gulped down at the bus station in the small town before they changed to the little plain bus specially designated to crawl up the hills, which was to take them to the mountain. The second fifty grams they dedicated to the village not because of its pub – excessively traditional and plain as it was – but because of the real beginning of the hike. For the third they opened a bottle from the rucksack. Having climbed up the steepest part of the road, they left half of the way behind their backs. At first the women stigmatized them as alcoholics but as it was getting dark, they decided to have a gulp so as to keep their courage up. The shorter of the two friends was the only one to refuse to do so.

‘A person who does not drink cannot be expected to do anything good.’ – D.J. Alex tried to make a joke without realizing how right he would turn out to be later on.

‘Everyone has principles of their own’ – answered the shorter of the two friends and it seemed as if these were the only words which she had blurted out since the beginning of the excursion . As if she was begging to be called Ms Principle.

‘Mine are somewhat different’ – said Vladi and took a sip of another cap before screwing it on and putting the bottle back into his rucksack. Neither he nor Alex had the habits of alcoholics but here some aberration had taken hold of them. They had met each other at the stadium as they had been trying to outdo each other in the number of laps. Their friendship dated back to that moment.

“Stop playing a macho!” His wife snapped at him.

“I am not playing at all. Now you take the rucksack.”

“Thanks. I shall not take it. Everyone has principles of their own.”

No one considered the bursting laughter as a personal insult. They kept on going ahead. The darkness caused by the twigs of the high fir-trees had slipped down over the path.

Ten minutes before they reached the mountain lodge, there was a real danger for them to get lost because they could not see anything in


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