Olivera Docevska


January the Second, 2016

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Illusion (13 August 2016, 19:20)

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Out of this World

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I don' t belong here

I don't know for empty words

I don't want to repeat nothing

nor sadly

and sad to speak, to arrange imaginery birds.

I don't want to,

to find faults in which subject faults no any,

I don't want intrigues, intrigues simple but scary...

No, I do not belong here, this world escapes me.

I do not belong here and now.

I love laughter, love, hugs

like saten, tender silk of lilac,

the scent of lilacs and red rose,

love narrow paths by the river

grass and bare feet, to other feet close.

Long, to long, in the sun to look

end by the river as fast bubbling

his hand to squeeze.

And all I want is a red earth of country home,

with people happy and complete

No, I do not belong here.

In this place, where skin is tight,

everything crackling,

you allways want to go from her out

I wonder often, why?!

II am from other place, an distant endless plateaus,

where Storm are burning,

where the country caressing the sky.

I do not belong here, I belong there,

My spirit always escapes,

from my other alter, at a completely different place.

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