Olivera Docevska


Out of this World

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January the Second, 2016

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Illusion (13 August 2016, 19:20)

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If you break my heart

and delete the smile

behind dark deep eyes,

pray for you will not stop ...

Sorrow , will not take away

all earth colors of the rainbow, from the face...

Sun in the hair will not mar like

dark night, even

though the night will stay restless, long,

too long ...without dreams...

No, I will not pledge with the same force.

Such a thing does not exist when

you wait to long…

it is vain , stupid, silence

with a word to hit ...

Never, I will call.

Word to word, eye to eye,

they will never meet, each other...

and tear's Chapel,

will become a stone ...

All will gone with winds ,

only sharp stone on the coast, lonely oaks,

proudly will sway still ...

And thought, still

will be obsessed with tomorrow ...

although tomorrow will not exist.


It will Always be a yesterday.

Seven hills and seven valleys,

and Tomorrow night,

wil hide what

you will never have and

you will always miss.

Tomorrow will be a new day,

who knows what tomorrow brings,

and what destiny is written.

not so long ago described in March,

as the brightest star.

Sealed With the kiss.

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