Olivera Docevska


Out of this World

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January the Second, 2016

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Illusion (13 August 2016, 19:20)

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I appeared out of the darkness like a ray of light,

to give you back illusions and dreams.!

Said Darkness and she seized everything

in her nothingness and false glory.

Nobody recognized her...

Day by day, hour by hour, minute per second

crazy, cool,

She closed their eyes, embraced them with

dark copra to not see the light of the

sweetly sounding words.

Like the plague, eat them up,

those little children's dreams and illusions,

that remained.

It's relatively that little what remained,

I am here to change your world, she said..

Floods them , destroyed them

by a whirlwind away, blow away.them...

She ordered!

Human heat at the time of cholera

is possible in just about half a century, few months,

and days without hours.

Not evaluated and not undervalued.

Evil, more or less, however, is evil.

Don't Trust in the dark, don't love her as Light

when she's coming.

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