Alexander Banderov


Remote like waterfall, Whi...

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Beyond the blue mountains I will ...

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They must wait for us, on Sirius....

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Now I stare inside myself. ...

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* * *

Translated by: Anton Baev

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My friend, forget that night.

Imagine I was not at the tavern.

I really was far away.

Don’t remind me, torture me not.

Take off your bill now

‘cause everything is paid.

I want to know

That I’m free on my way.

And we’ll start again and again

To cut our hairs, to shave our beards.

We’ll turn the page

And again it’ll be late.

But we’ll get drunk again,

The dogs will bark at us.

We’ll youl to the moon

And the end will come soon.


My friend, forget that night.

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