Stoyan Terziev


Blues about Frank Zappa

4.94(69 votes)


We Were At Home

4.78(58 votes)


Desire’s Lips

4.65(17 votes)


Dots In Bloom

4.33(3 votes)


Along The Corridors Of My Autumn Awakeness

4.26(27 votes)


With Kenneth White At Kamen Bryag 3

Translated by: Sashko Pavlov THE Expert, MBBDA

4.17   (6 votes)

Sitting with Kenneth White at Kamen Bryag,

Wondering whom to choose

For the bridge session tonight by the fire,

Count Saint Jermaine – I offer.

He’s an old card cheat, but a good chat, on various topics – he replies.

Count Leo Nikolayevitch Tolstoy – suggests he.

The young or old Tolstoy? I ask, for more precision.

The young one naturally, the risky player.

The old one’s long gone to Yasnaya Polyana.

Then someone’s “Ahem” behind us

Interrupts our dialogue…

So when do you say do the foursome convene?

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