Kevin Bailey



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Regrets misunderstood

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Do you understand why?

Why you are here?

A purpose to serve,

or a waste?


Chioces you make

hearts that break,

a life that's left

with emptyness in your eyes.


A choice that can effect many

lives,a touch that is kind.And

understands horrid minds.


Decisions that create

or destroys many lives.


Who's running you?

Are you running from yourself.

Or chasing that confused person,

that you call me?


Worries,doubts,pain,anger and happiness.

Glad or remotely mad.


Change that sinks deep,

that can alter a life you touch.

It may help a man build

a better shelter.


Starving,weak,body,mind,and soul.

Turns scare you.What you have to face,


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