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Your heart is like a forest ...

4.93(75 гласа)


Youth – wondrous territory...

4.89(45 гласа)


So happiness is this – a fatty fi...

4.67(21 гласа)


I am the fig tree. ...

4.29(7 гласа)


The torn-up wallpaper of p...

4.20(5 гласа)


She is such a strange, aus...

4.13(16 гласа)

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Превод: Katerina Stoykova - Klemer

4.87   (230 гласа)

Oh, fruit of light!

Swell with love!

Ripen with sadness!

Sweeten juices – dreams!

And let your fragrant thoughts

be honeyed dew

upon your tender skin!


Your taste I do adore!


… This whisper was

the mighty voice of light.

I soaked its masterful behest

with words that creep like ivy –


in the shadow

of the vines

afore the coming day of vintage.

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