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The Answer, My Daughter

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So that tomorrow won’t taste of tomorrow

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Return to SÈTE

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One Last Cigarette

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September 5

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Refrains of Orpheus

To Anton Baev

Превод: Jason R. Forbus

5.00   (2 гласа)

Orpheus has too many distractions to believe

the tale of a woman in love

with his voice, his poetry

and joyfully surrenders to other dreams

while his fable becomes true

taking him away from new temptations

The poet knows that harder still

another mission awaits him

where his voice, his poetry

he needs to entrust to the listener

and walk away from old temptations

An unsettled refrain cannot return

life to a girl in love

if the poetry of a true fairy tale

he won’t sing with love

And again, a love returns to life

thanks to words guarded with confidence

by him who knows how to light them into poetry

The freshly lit flame cannot be extinguished

if a good heart nourishes the dream

Orpheus won’t forget this now


Tetovë, 22 Oct. 2017

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