Tops Under The Stars: Haiku Inspirational Light Shining Bright—Such Delight!

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This awesome haiku poem book is written by two of the greatest known haiku poets, Stoianka Boianova and Minko Tanev, from Bulgaria. They are married to each other and have significant collaboration with their creative and artistic inspiring words. Since I have known them, they have been the two most pronounced haiku poets, practicing the art of haiku poetry in uplifting worldwide humanity. They have my noble blessings for their internally generated motivation proliferating haiku poems across the spectrum, with love and affection for their audience.


This distinguished haiku inspirational book is written in two parts. The first by, Stoianka Boianova (СТОЯНКА БОЯНОВА), and second by, Minko Tanev (МHNKO TAHEB) her husband. The poems in each are listed categorical in sections and flow wonderfully well.


Part One: Stoianka Boianova (СТОЯНКА БОЯНОВА)


The first section of this remarkable haiku inspirational poetry book is titled, “Fragrance Valleys.” The first haiku poem reminds me of an awe-inspiring scene in the Sinai Desert while serving with the Multi-National Force. It’s a site which suddenly appeared in full view upon cresting a hill and was so beautiful. Immediately, there is life created by the Creator instead of sand dunes as follows:


feeling of homeland

roads through mountains

on the horizon


Here Stoianka give a vision from a mountainous view where she feels her homeland based on her observation of nature while traveling the roads through mountainous areas. Such an inspirational vision from the senses—Sensitizingly Specular!


The imagery of God’s creation is precious, especially when its displayed as wonderful flowers. Roses, daffodils, and tulips are so beautiful and emit pleasing fragrances stimulating the senses They are delightful creations of God. This is exemplified in the following haiku poem:


dew in the flowers

in every drop I can see

the image of God


Her words in this haiku uplifts the soul, with refreshing eloquence, especially in the mornings when one is able to see drips of dews off flowers from the beam of the golden rays of the sun.


The second section titled, “Splash of Water.” It has a variety of poems reflecting such marvelous essence. The first haiku is symbolic of travelling at sea as follows:


an autumn leaf

travels on the river

a raft to the sea


Her imaginative skills and symbology show a leaf as a raft travelling at sea, while it’s flowing down a river. Such magnificent use of comparing and contrasting words with visual metaphors.


The next haiku poem places one right on the beach. Such pleasurable sights, are se


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