Tops Under The Stars: Haiku Inspirational Light Shining Bright—Such Delight!

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en everywhere on the landscape made from sand dunes as follows:


great sand dunes

grains of sand in different shapes

look equally


Here she shows the ebb and flow of the tides creating various shapes in the sand. The feet of humans walking along the beach and kids digging and building sand castles are also depicted in this delightful scenery. This represent such a beautiful time on the beach for everyone.


The third section is titled, “Freedom of Flight.” It highlights visionary thoughts from the mind, conceived by and connected to the senses. The first highlighted haiku in this section follows:


freedom of flight

the snowflake chooses its way

from heaven to earth


Here she reflects in plain view the freedom of flight by the snowflakes choosing their way to earth in grand style. They encounter no obstacles, truly exhibiting flight of freedom from above.


The last haiku to comment on in this section shows the freedom of joy for the winter holiday season. One can imagine the warmth inside their home with the all snow is outside in the garden as reflected below in grand style:


holiday joy

in the heart of the house

in the garden snow


Here she paints a pleasing picture of joy which comes during the holiday season. One can imagine snuggling up in front of a fireplace with sparkles popping, while sipping a cup of hot chocolate, and conversing with family. The snow is no problem, since it’s outside in the garden.


Part Two: Minko Tanev (МHNKO TAHEB)


The second part of this awesome haiku poetry book is written by Minko Tanev (МHNKO TAHEB). It’s also divided into sections. The first section is titled “Bright Light.” It begins with a fantastic haiku poem as follows:


Roman stadium

a procession of seagulls

in the night sky


Such an impressive sight in the night sky. The reflection of the moon in the background works wonders making this sight enchanting. The extreme whiteness from the seagulls against the moon is truly a spectacular one to behold when moving in unison—Such Sensational Sight!


The next haiku illustrates and resonates love and affection. The sight of the rainbow brings visual spiritedness for the soul and generates wonderful comments. The lines are as follows:


a rainbow

the bridge of lovers

on the horizon


It’s really an enchanting sight to behold the rainbow’s reflection against the skyline with beauty and elegance. There is a nice wish to reach for the pot of gold with refreshing t

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