Tops Under The Stars: Haiku Inspirational Light Shining Bright—Such Delight!

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houghts. A lover’s dream of endearment, and a blissful bridge to cross with love and affection for each other.


The next section is titled, “Sacraments.” It has many haiku poems linking to the subject for reading and interpreting with reverence and grace. It’s illustrated as follows:


blue rain green rain

cathedrals of the spirit

in offerings


This is an admirable haiku poem regarding the cathedral of the spirit. One can imagine the sight of rain in various colors. Looking out the various stained windows of the cathedral and beholding things reflecting in different colors from the outside is very stimulating especially showers of blessings. The contribution of offering is a humble blessing to the soul—Ultimate Upliftment!


The next haiku reflects grace and wonders especially when one is in a state of mindfulness and meditation. Peace and quietness always resonate with beautiful visions and images for the soul. The following haiku is emblematic of such:


golden clouds

a moment of meditation

as birds return


Here he reflects on birds in a moment of meditation. They are always fond of quietness, and driven away by noise. One can visualize a moment of goldenness with peaceful clouds impacting such a scene with inspiration. This is the habit for birds. It’s like returning to their nest and cuddling their youngsters with love and affection stimulating growth—Breathtakingly Beautiful!


The next section titled, “Roads,” gives a different contemplation of beautiful haiku poetry to refresh the soul and brings inspiration to the rest of the mind and body.


The first one to analyze is the beauty of kites making their own way into the sky with their own path of brilliance and celebration. These wonderful lines are as follows:


colorful kites

flames in the sunset

beyond the river


The varying colors of kites are always stimulating. The mixture of their colors is really fascination in the sunset with the reddish reflection of flames resonating. Such an alluring sight which brings splendor to the mind of a child holding the string while it’s in flight. This is really a marvelous haiku with words of endearment—Visually Vibrating!


The final haiku poem to review in this section reflects aesthetic and grace of two divine elements, the sun and fog, in the amazing beauty of the morning dew. Such excellent words are as follows:


autumnal sun

out of the fog appears

the image of God


The brilliance of the autumn sun is refreshing to the mind, body and soul. It’s goldens rays drizzl

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