Tops Under The Stars: Haiku Inspirational Light Shining Bright—Such Delight!

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ing with golden dust stimulates the grass, weeds, and flowers, thus causing dews to drip unto mother earth nurturing the ecosystem. These combination of events and activities are certainly an image of God taking care of His creation—Reverently Reassuring!




This awe-inspiring haiku book is certainly refreshing to the mind, body and soul. The words embedded by the authors generate splendor from within the four corners of each page. They are inspiriting, uplifting and alluring with endearment. These two Bulgarian haiku poets have my sincerest and noblest blessings on the inedible ink flowing from their pens mixed with diamond and gold. Their unique words are inspiring, uplifting, and stimulating to the senses and life. They are the two greatest haiku poets I have ever know from that part of the world in their efforts to uplift worldwide humanity with words of inspiration and endearment. Their motivation, positive attitudes, and internally generated inventiveness is beyond the normal comprehension of others.


This is truly a great haiku book of poems to read on the path of practicing mindfulness, and relaxation for the mind, body and soul. It generates splendor, wonderful thoughts, beautiful visualizations, and collectiveness of wisdom stimulating the brain during its performance of obtaining and remembering life’s beauty and splendor. One must read this awe-inspiring and amazing haiku poetry book of wonderful and insightful words of inspiration to truly appreciate the thoughts and words of the authors.


About the Authors


Stoianka Boianova, was born in Bulgaria, March 29, 1955 near Plovdiv. She has a Master’s degree in Physics from the University of Plovdiv. She has worked as a chief expert in the Bulgarian Metrology Institute, Sofia, in the field of instrument measurements, created an audited system for quality control, and took part in the development of standards. She is the author of eleven books, consisting of nine poetry books, one novel, and one collection of short stories. She has co-authored more than thirty editions in Bulgaria, Poland, Serbia, Germany, India, Japan, USA, England, and Africa. She is also an editor of short story books, novels and dictionaries. She has received numerous awards, accolades, and recognitions, continuously for her worldwide literary contributions, from countries and organizations around the world, starting in 1969 to the present, and more will be coming based on her current active contributions and participation.


Minko Tanev, was born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, March 30 1953. He obtained a degree in Bulgarian Philology from the University of Plovdiv. He has worked at the Municipal Council for Culture; the Teacher’s House, Plovdiv; newspaper of the Higher Agricultural Institute; Medical University, Plovdiv; Professor of Bulgarian language for foreign students; newspaper Acad

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