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When the Body Takes Up Robes

Превод: Vadim Banev

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Once the body takes up robes,

as for everyone transpires,

Love becomes a heavy load,

what had no limits prior,

now it's shores have been invaded.

…………………..…… For all time!

Consumed with rust the anchor,

faded beneath the spongy seaweed

line toward a territory newly-hidden.

For once She was a Shrine for two,

now the tomes of monks, forbidden,

the prayers for her do not come through.

But her eyes are still the same...

Gaze carefully, your vision hone:

for winter nights brimful with flame,

what once a sin - now icy stone.

But don't be fooled by crooked dicta

that your shoulders still can carry.

Some wise-men past have fallen victim

So who are we to not be wary?

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