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I'm Busy Being Vertical

Превод: Vadim Banev

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I'm busy being vertical!

Not wasting time, persisting…

Proclaimed I was a rare article

Death took me off its shortlist.

I did receive some Time to spend, my boasts were eminently keen.

He won't deduct, though, won't amend;

Keeps all his calculations clean.

So, first I'll give my hands a scrub,

remove all troubles so they shine.

The face with water clean I'll rub

and cut my hair so I look fine…

But keep your sayings, they're just dirt:

no casket suits, or grim

morticians. In my wardrobe only

hangs a shirt for all my vertical

ambitions. That's my only dream, I reckon:

To leap up from below.

If I fly for but a second,

enough my Time will grow.

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