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So This Short Night May Longer Stay

Превод: Vadim Banev

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The smart ones came, said “make a note.”

Know everything, they think it's law.

With such verbosity that shows,

they hiss on always, though declawed.

They say I'm sombre, I excel at

contemplating only Death. Not

true! I'm clear as Life itself,

for thought there's unrelenting

breadth. Here, let me show it's not

complex, this message said in rambling

words: may any artist draw the steps

of painting, and just what occurs.

I want the picture true to life

a dancing fire in the hearth

the door is shut, all warm inside,

both dead and living feel the mirth.

Of ages past we don't dispute:

the comfort we enjoy, quite thorough,

and talk until our voices mute

of our own Time, and what we borrow.

The central fire's most important.

A seat I want not far away,

to stoke and stoke the burning torrent,

in this short night that long will stay.

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