Contemporary theatre sound in The Balkans: A synchronous approach to Molière ’s “Imaginary Invalid”

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his can remain through the prism of Molière , and therefore, it can be complemented by today's humour, a specific way of re-enactment, individual acting creativity and freedom within the collective. The dynamics is very important, along with the nuances of the characters, their layers, the humour. Despite the tragedy of Molière as an author and as a person, he knew how to capture the comedic side of life very well, but also knew how to show the absurdity, sarcasm and the pain of everyday life.

Considering the whole situation with the pandemic, many other aspects of the play opened up - in terms of hypochondria, but also in terms of taking care of our health and realizing that feminism can really save the world as Molière's women characters are trying to.

The world has outdone itself with the quality of humour in the past few months, clearly using it as a defensive mechanism, just as he used art and solidarity to make it easier for him to survive. And that is similar to the way Molière used to write the scenes: full of comedy, irony, absurdity, but also a lot of love, music and tenderness on the other hand, as two sides of the coin that can save the world or transform it into a better one. Both outside and inside. Both on stage and in our lives.”[1]

“The Imaginary Invalid” is a play about a man who believes that he has severe health issues, and while being deeply focused on his health, he wants everyone and every little thing to adapt to his wishes and beliefs, claiming that his health and well-being is the most important thing on Earth and them readjusting their personal lives to make his own more bearable is now a precedence. There is a slight touch of seriousness when you are reading the adapted screenplay, even when one is completely aware of the sly humour and cunning ways of writing that Molière possessed. Although from a certain aspect the dramatic text and the performance are both calm and relaxing, the absurdity and tragedy that is profoundly entwined in the plotline does not let the spectator stay still and just delightfully watch a cheerful adjustment of Molière ’s witty dialogues. While composing the pieces for this particular adaptation, the one thing that kept on reappearing and reconquering different shapes throughout the entire process was the irrationality of the situation, in prevalence to the one that we are facing today; amid a pandemic, we are slowly but surely opening an unremitting theatrical discourse based on hypochondria, self-obsession and anxiety, all of those components implicitly hiding behind the word “comedy”.

A continuous and incessant exploration of an existing hierarchical system that values the dichotomic approach in daily occurrences,

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