Albanian hospitality

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that stems from the "Need to Share".  Inexplicable and inconceivable by many foreigners no matter how noble they are!  "To be kept" is the other most sacred virtue of living in this world.  They die, so they go to the afterlife consciously, with superconsciousness and subconsciousness protecting a stranger, friend in their home.  It is difficult to conceive of how a family can make it a "primary need", "the needs of a stranger" that requires "sharing the good with them".  These "open" people are too good to be true.  So those people who share the good with others do not even kill the enemy.  This is a special Albanian virtue!

Hospitality is a cultural value that was worn with a divine veil having a special significance.

 Ismail Kadare writes: "Trying to turn the most ordinary man into a demigod is enough for him to knock on the door."

While Miss Edith Durham writes: "Albanian hospitality laws are stronger than weapons"!  "Bread eaten not only by the friend, but also by the enemy in the house of the Albanian is of great importance and honor"!


Many foreigners have also commented on Albanian hospitality.  Here are some of their sayings: Chlumcky (1907) - “No one would dare to violate the sacred right of hospitality.  The Albanian values ​​freedom without restraint above all. ”  Dumont (1872) - “Albanians are hospitable and very sensitive;  they give little importance to religion. ” Grisebach

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