Albanian hospitality

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(1841) - “The people of Dukagjini are proud, hospitable, and have a strong sense of honor.  They are sociable. ”  Guicciardini (1901) - “Albanians have developed a great sense of family and a sense of freedom.  Hospitality is a matter of honor;  honor generally plays a primary role in their code. ”  Jastrebov (1904) - "Hospitality is one of the first dogmas of their theology."  Pothes-Wegner (1899) - "Hospitality and protection of the friend are sacred duties."  Steinmetz (1904) - "The hospitality there is greater than anywhere else."

This code of hospitality is a high and precious human value, since we as human beings are always someone's guests, or in the other case we are someone's host.  So we are guests or hosts of people!

The concept of hospitality in its codex is a sacred task!


This value of hospitality is just as ethical in all its dimensions, as one of the most precious human values, and with it in the future and in all human developments.  Develops human love, human care, human generosity, human loyalty, human solidarity, human respect, human faith, humanism…


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