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Превод: Minko Tanev

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Bright Week.

Blooming cherries

are blessing us

with spring sacraments.

A sun lift transfers us

above the clouds

in the way to infinity.


The journey of love turns us

in a happy galaxy.

I rediscover on the moon

cities of atlanteans.

Cosmic fusion

in bright colors

elevates our sleep.

In the next round of the spiral


POEMarium is pleased to display Poet Bala's review of Minko Tanev's winning entry in Poetic Parley-98.

Review *:


Incomparably inked love poem titled ' 'JOURNEY OF LOVE' reveals the bright side of love. Love is considered to be the strongest and most powerful weapon that can change anything or anyone at any time. Here, the adorable poet has penned his inner experience and divine emotion he felt on love.

The poet enjoys his life blissfully every day and night . He calls each week " bright week." He finds positivity all around him due to the divine love he receives from his beloved. Thus, "blooming cherries" bless them when they meet each other.

Since the poet thoroughly relishes the purity of love and affection from his lady-love, he specially lives in a world which is not known by the men around him. It is a colorful world that has brought heaven on the earth and that is especially worth to dwell and get euphoric-delight when the lovable hearts meet. The love they have is not to pass the time. It is not based on the purpose of having the carnal pleasure and that is something beyond and cannot be explained verbally.

Their love is simply gentle and can't be measured or deciphered. They both have constructed a realm where everything is organic, ethical and neat. Now a days, love has lost its real sense. At times, the poet has skillfully brought out the second life for the mighty word "love.'' He musically paints the impact of possessing purity of love and affection in this poem. Thus, he leads a happy life with his lady in a galaxy that is away from the materialistic world.

The word ''cosmic fusion '' relates to level of understanding. Through this, the poet teaches the secret of success behind his successful love journey. He says that understanding between the hearts can develop and strengthen the bonding between them. It can bring pleasure in them and pave way for enlightenment.

Love, a unique pain, stabbed their hearts with soft arrows that are softer than rose petals and that kindled the poet to launch a poetic missile which has won the winning title.

Plaudits to the poet for this nonpareil poem from his mighty pen!


• Reviewed by Poet Bala


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