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A Yawny Afternoon at the Chartered Accountant's Office

Дай първата оценка

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The Western wind and mothers sighs

Превод: Вера Иванова

Дай първата оценка

As the western wind starts blowing

The humming of mothers begins raining

Then puts it off abruptly

On the desert sand

The suffocation of closed rooms

Disappears little by little

Mother had a special relation with wind

The wind from her hand fan

Use to to talk to her

At the time of summer heat

When wind get dried upon her lips

Mother used to wait

For the wind, and its wetness

Which came from her land

After having meet with her ponds

Use to bring wetness of a drop of tear

Wind does not come to my close house

I have to go to meet him

Under the tree, where she comes

With a wetness of the Sea

The wind of Sea is salty

Which stick on my lips

Waiting for some kisses

Which can suck salt from lips

I recollect the salt in the sand

Who has a comparative with wind

Whether the Sea,

Or the sand

The only Wind scribes

The story of love

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