Road Through Worlds

4.33   (6 гласа)
in harmony with the infinite -
with words to sculpt you
above earthly life and death.


You're transparent,
and I'm probably transparent.
Mystic light is flowing through us.


I felt the tidal wave power
in your urge.
And the dusk recognized my true face,
lifted us up.


My intuition tells - we will be together
in God-chosen time on the Earth.


Stellar blood filled ours hearts -
the infinitude flames in love,
thousands of suns sparkle over us,
so we don't get lost.

 (Page 117)                                                                 


This dynamic alternation sequence of lines poem won the "In  Planetary Anthology Contest—The Way We Were from Poetry Planet, 2020.  It also won the "Collaborative Cupid Award Poem from Poetry Planet 2020.





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