Road Through Worlds

4.33   (6 гласа)
n-right:0cm;margin-bottom:6.0pt;margin-left:0cm; text-align:justify;line-height:15.6pt;background:#F7F7F7">This awe-inspiring production of inspirational winning poems is an uplifting text and a must-read. It's most definitely entertaining and will enlighten the persona and aura of all readers. The authors increase an actual state of splendor for and vibrating words touching the mind, body, and soul. This husband and wife team is on the same sheet of music and singing the same song.


The incredible ink flowing from their pens mixed with diamond and gold enhances the soul in rhapsody. Their exotic proliferation is inspiring, uplifting, and stimulating to the senses, persona, and aura. They are the two greatest haiku poets I have ever known. Additionally, I don't see any in comparison or even near their level of expertise to uplift worldwide humanity with words of inspiration and endearment. One must read this awe-inspiring poetry book of insightful words of inspiration to appreciate the thoughts and words of the authors.


The Reviewer

 Ambassador, Professor, Dr. Joseph S. Spence Sr., authored ten inspirational poetry books. He invented Epulaeryu, Seven Heaven, God's Dynamic Steps, Linking Pin Sonnet, poetry forms while studying English literature, creative writing poetry, mythology, the African Diaspora, and Japanese linguistics at the University of Wisconsin.  His writings appeared globally. He is a retired U.S. Army officer and a Goodwill Ambassador, Arkansas, USA, appointed by former USA President William Clinton. Additionally, he is a Thought Leader for Golden Key International Honour Society Academy, USA Independent Poetry Laureate, Advisor for World Parliament of English Literature-India, Global Advisor for Global Literary Society-India, Certified Lead the Change Agent for the University of Wisconsin, and tutors' poets worldwide. His poems are published in Chinese, French, Polish, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, Jamaikan Patwa/Patios, Scottish Gaelic, Nigerian Yoruba, Bengali, Assam, Hindi, Croatian, and Rastafari languages. He is a life member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Golden Key International Honour Society, and other organizations, and resides in Wisconsin, USA.


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