Road Through Worlds

4.33   (6 гласа)
blicationsThese are some selected lines: 


            We met when God created the worlds and filled them with His love.

            Then we got lost because we were scattered in the edges of the universe.

            I've been waiting for you a thousand days and a thousand nights.

            On how many planets I've searched for you.

            When we met again, the light erupted.

            The world has expanded, and in it were Gods, you, and me!            (Page 11)


Definitely, it's undeniable that the spark of fire erupted when the galactical search ended, and two separate entities became one. Such a splendid reunion which is still burning with marvelous light erasing the darkness of night.  Galactic Loving Journey!

The Following Is Another Marvelous Poem Of Love. It Stimulates The Minds Of All Regarding Reaching The One We Love, Anytime And Under Any Prevailing Conditions. The Title Of This Poem Of Essence Is "Trajectories." It Won The Blue Quill, POEMarium, Quote Poem 12, Motif: "Poetry Is The Art Of Uniting Pleasure With The Truth." Selected Lines Are As Follow:

            Sunrise And Sunset


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